Hair and Makeup Classes

Makeup Classes

The makeup & hair artists at The FairyGlamother will help educate you on a variety of subjects. Depending on what you are looking for, we offer one on one classes at our studio or at your home and group classes (you choose the group) at your home. Whatever on your needs we can customize a class that will work for you, you and your friends, or you can choose from one of our popular hair and makeup classes.

Popular classes

Makeup Clean Up

We will review your personal makeup case(s) and help you decide which makeup works and which can be tossed (believe it or not, makeup does have expiration dates).

We can then teach you how to use your current makeup more effectively and see if the colors you have are the best match for your skin tone. We will help you create the perfect daytime look and then show you how to transition it into a great evening look. We will recommend additional makeup purchases (which can be made over time) to further enhance a variety of looks for different occasions, moods, etc.

By the end of Makeup Clean Up, you (and your friends) will know how to quickly (well…..after a little practice) create your looks, and be excited to wear the makeup you kept!

Makeup Looks, Let’s Create!

Have you ever gone to a makeup counter where a makeup artist creates this amazing look for you, you purchase everything used to recreate the look, get home and realize you have no actual directions as to how to apply the makeup?

We have all done it!

The Makeup Looks… Lets Create class helps teach you how to work with all that makeup you purchased or have just collected over time. We will instruct you as to how to recreate the “amazing look”.

We will show you or create a look you desire, what other looks you can create with the makeup, and even a few other products that would make that makeup even more versatile.

You will leave with a face sheet that will show you exactly where each product goes, precise notes on how to apply them, and other helpful ideas. So take those makeup products out of that drawer you tossed them in and put them to great use!

Easy Everyday Hair Tips & Tricks

Ever have a great new haircut but when you try to style it at home, you failed miserably? That’s where The FairyGlamother comes in. We will teach you how to create the best blowouts and styles for your everyday life.

We will educate you on what products to use, how to cut down the time it takes to get ready, how to use the curling iron and/or flat iron safely and effectively, and additional tips that most hairstylists won’t share with you! Let’s boost some volume into your hair-esteem!

Mother & Daughter Class

The Fairy Glamother will come to your home teach you fun styles, braids, ponytails, and anything else your daughter has always been requesting. Do you have a daughters(s) in a sport like soccer, softball, cheer-leading, or dance? You see those moms who always create that perfect bun that stays put, but you just can’t figure out how they do it. Well we will teach you how so that your daughter(s) will also have the bet hair styles for the right occasions, and you are the mom that has that style nailed and others are asking for help from!

We provide an at home class for easy everyday hair tips and tricks with you and your daughter(s). You can also host a fun event by inviting a group of your friends and their daughters… what better way to bond then over fun tips and ticks with hair!

Additional Information

All classes are extremely hands on. They can be customized for just one person or for a group. We believe that the best way to learn is to do. We will not only teach you the hows and whys, but we will also allow you to create the look on yourself with us by your side. We may have you do half of your face, half of your hair, but no matter what, we are there for you.

While we do offer parties where we come and do all the work while you sit back and relax, when taking our classes we want you to experience how it feels to work with different products and textures. During our classes we will go over any important information such as expiration dates, sanitation (yes even with your friends), and color basics.

Most importantly we bring great energy and enthusiasm to all our services and hope we will fulfill all your needs and dreams. Confidence is the most beautiful look, and we want to be sure you wear it with the utmost pride in your daily life.

At Home Parties

Hair Classes

Girls Night Out

Do you have a celebration coming up? It could be a Birthday, Bat Mitzvah, Bachelorette, Baby or Bridal Shower, maybe even a Sweet 16.

Have you been wanting just a good old fashion Girls Night Out? All of these and so many others, are great reasons to let us do all the work! Let us pamper you, and your friends.

The FairyGlamother will take care of makeup and hair (or just one!) and let you sit back and enjoy being surrounded by great friends, looking glamorous and relaxed. Most of all having fun with those closest to you!

Slumber Party (Pre-Teen/Teen)

Looking for an idea for a fun girl’s sleepover, a pre-teen party, even a teenage party that you, as a parent, are excited about and looking forward to? Have The FairyGlamother team come over and choose from one of our three packages: The Spa Party, The Glamour Party, or the How to Glamour YOU Party. We will bring all the essentials and create a healthy, fun evening for your girls. Let them feel they are doing something “mature” while still embracing their youth.

The Spa Party Includes manicures, hand massages, scalp massages, face masks, and more.

The Glamour Party Encompasses bringing beauty glam to your house. We will apply makeup, paint nails, style hair, all the glam fun a girl dreams of.

The How to Glamour You Experience allows our team to come to your house with our kits and teach the Teenagers, Older Pre-Teens slumberers the correct way to apply LIGHT and NATURAL makeup, how to take care of their skin properly including, makeup removal, proper sanitation, and hair styles that are fun and easy. Young people can gain confidence, embracing their inner and outer beauty, and, as we feel, less makeup is always best.

Additional Information

With the Slumber Party Packages we do offer add-on touches like Candy Bars, Photo Booths, Runways, and much more. Please inquire if you are interested.

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